TUFF LOOK is a sports brand owned by PROLIFIC SPORTS, and designed for talented sportsmen and sportswoman working daily in their field of interest to achieve greatness. To become a TUFF athlete is not an easy task to fulfill but the LOOK you need to rise to every competitive occasion is what makes TUFF LOOK the brand of choice for your sports performance needs.

Our Story

TUFF LOOK sports wear was founded in 2014 by Dr. Kenneth Andam after identifying a gap in the sports apparel marketplace for underserved communities within the African Continent and the Middle East. Seeing the development and success of many talented young men and women who rose to superstardom from within the poorest neighborhoods where he and his family provided charitable support, Dr. Andam felt the need to develop a brand that will represent the harsh struggles of the many talented young men and women who couldn’t make it to the level of the lucky ones who rose to superstardom.

He felt that an apparel brand that will give back to such communities could encourage more young talents to focus on building their recreational past time activities in sports into a focused passion that they could work to build themselves to be discovered. He felt that every child who received a kit from Tuff Look would feel a ray of sunlight shine on them, and also give them hope that they too could be the next Michael Essien, Steven Appiah, Didier Drogba, Sadio Mane, Alphonso Davis, Frankie Fredericks, Ezekiel Ansah, the Myles Mills Brothers, Tuffour alias Koraa, ZAKARI, Nkansah, the Andam Brothers, Azumathi, Vida Anim, Monica Twum, Vida Nsiah, Christian Nsiah, Andrew Owusu, and the new generational athletes from their communities. That was the birthing of the TUFF LOOK brand.

Our Mission

TUFF LOOK has a mission to become the brand of choice for all African sports teams and their fans across the continent. The company is engaging the talents of many of the continents designers within the various countries to bring their creative geniuses together to help develop a brand that we will be able to kit our talented sportsmen and sportswomen in at local and international competitions.

We are proud to be the new generational brand of choice for the continent of Africas Athletes. We intend to build a new wave of support for our developing sports genres within the various countries on the continent.


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