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Unearthing talents in all genres of sports and building excellence in youth development.

Our Academies in soccer, athletics, basketball, and boxing provide the needed developmental environment for talented sports men and women to improve their skills and gain a competitive edge. We develop talents and enhance their capabilities, so they rise to their highest level of success within sports.

Development Programs

Under the guidance of Coach Patrick Lawrence in Las Vegas, Nevada, Prolific Sports is developing an academy of talented players to unearth new stars for the next generation competitive college and professional soccer players. Our focus on the US Market provides us the fundamental resources needed to expand our search for great talents from within the continental US and Canada as well as Africa and the rest of the world.

We are currently developing some major academies in partnership with several talented coaches within different youth development levels across the African Continent with a core focus on Ghana, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Cameroon, Senegal, Kenya, Egypt, and Uganda. We have also established a presence in the Middle East and in Europe to engage established academies to help groom advanced talents within our ranks of players in Germany, Portugal, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

US Academy

Prolific Sports Las Vegas Academy is focused on identifying talents that have the capacity to enter the college soccer circuit and perform to earn a draft into the MLS. We provide the best camps with the best coaches to unearth talents that develop into the stars that grace the pitches across the United States and abroad.

Prolific Sports Academy

Prolific Sports Academy in Ghana is under the management of Coach Rahaman in Kumasi. The focus of the academy and its 48 understudy talents is to groom the next generation of professional football players within the land of the Ashanti Kingdom.

Betymens Academy

Betymens Academy in the Central Region of Ghana is an academy managed by Prolific Sports under the leadership of Coach Willy Mensah. The academy has groomed the most versatile prolific players in the sports within our youth development programs. Their technique and versatility places them at the top-level talent pool for the next generation of superstars who will emerge out of Ghana.

Germany Academy

Prolific Sports Football Players Development collaboration in Hamburg Germany under the guidance of Coach Christian Chodura is designed to engage and enhance the talents of youngsters from our Ghanaian, Nigerian, Ugandan, and South African academies who meet the criteria for transcontinental development of their talents.

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Bare your heart and soul on the field.

When you join Prolific Sports, we dedicate time and resources to help you rise to your optimum potential as an athlete. All we ask of you is to commit to our process and trust that you will be a winner.

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AS a company, we look out for your personal interest and work to develop a cycle of management tools that serve your needs towards success in all spheres of your career as an athlete. We work for you daily and in the process earn your trust and confidence in our ability to protect your assets and capital reserves.

Our professional athletes are our becon of greatness for our company and brand. Become one with us.
Our coaches catalog helps us identify talents that have the potential to become superstars.
Our TUFF LOOK Merchandise provides sports products to athletes within deprived countries that are ignored by the major apparel manufacturers worldwide.
Our support staff focuses on engagening with all our talents and new entrants seeking an opportunity to work with us at Prolific Sports. We serve everyone with respect.

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