Our vision to create a national basketball organization that will develop talents like you to reach the highest echelon of the game of basketball is what we work everyday within our team to achieve. Join us to build the needed feeder player catalog for BAL, the NBA, and the European and Asian basketball leagues.

Basketball Talents

Prolific Basketball

Our Basketball Divisions goal is to build a national basketball league that will develop local talent and prepare them for the international leagues like the BAL, NBA, European Leagues, and the Asian market.

Our intent is to build a force of formidable basketball players from Africa with a focus of getting them positioned for professional teams abroad. Our goal is to define the criteria for creating great basketball players from within Africa by being engaged with talented athletes who can progressively develop their skills to join the UNDER 16, 18, 20, 23 and senior national teams for both men and women within the various countries across the continent starting with a focus on Ghana.

Our company is determined to identify, recruit, develop, and nature talented basketball players from around Ghana and NIGERIA, and get them prepared to enter the US market through high schools and universities so that they can get their education while playing the game they love. We also are developing a local league to unearth talents and build two local teams in Ghana and in Nigeria to join the BAL League.  We intend to do this by running clinics and tournaments in ALL regions to acquire a database of the various age groups and design a new national league under the brand National Basketball Organization (NBO).

Our focus is to develop this league to gain international recognition and start attracting corporate sponsorship for empowering the sport of basketball in Ghana. We intend to make this initiative competitive to also gain international recognition and attraction in Africa and Abroad.

Senior National Team

For the senior national team, the players who qualify to make the roaster to represent Ghana will have to be insured, transported, housed, fed, and managed under a qualified team of executives while being coached to improve their skills. We intend to engage a system that will get our players qualified for High Schools and Colleges/Universities in the USA. A competent group of coaches will be hired from the USA to take the players who make it into schools and leagues in the US to big qualifiers and major tournaments across the world to help improve their skills and enhance their talents to make the great athletes in the field of Basketball.

Some of our Prolific Sports local coaches who nature our athletes to the international scene will also be provided with the travel visas to visit with the athletes and further enhance their educational skills with certification courses to improve their ability to impart the right knowledge and training to the talents both local and abroad.  

Media will properly capture the practice sessions for our TV SHOW/PROGRAM. Player profiling, team profiling etc will be done. Apparel sponsored, per diems paid, bonuses sorted will also be defined to protect the integrity of the sport and provide the athletes with what they need to stay focused on the talents and capabilities. 

Our NBO Vision:

To have a vibrant local league in Divisions 1 and 2 for both men and women that will feed the national teams, we intend to invest in building regional basketball arenas to support the league that we will launch. What happens all over Africa is that the national teams are made up of local players who work together to develop the physical playing skills and team unity to represent their countries across the continent. That’s the UNDER 16, 18, 20, 23 men’s and women’s national teams comprise of these local athletes who are selected from the various schools in the country. Our intentions is to establish our National Basketball Organization league (NBO League) and have players all across Ghana and Nigeria graduated based on their talents into the National teams. One covered court, not necessarily indoor, for every region will be needed. Tuff Look will sponsor the whole leagues’ apparel and also produce the footwear for all players within the league.

An NBA player could come inspire each team during season or pre-season, and run a clinic or camp once a year.

Our Basketball
Student Player Vision

Prolific will establish a national secondary school league that will happen every year powered by the Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA), Prolific Sports, and Ghana Education Service.

The need for a secondary school league is long overdue in Ghana and and in Nigeria so Prolific Sports  will Focus on setting up a Basketball Tournament for Secondary Schools (PROBALL) across Ghana. Secondary school teams will play in their zones each year in preparation for the PROBALL tournament. The champions who emerge will play for the PROBALL national title and end the school year for basketball with a national champion.

We will structure the PROBALL tournament like the USA college NCAA basketball tournament. The players discovered from this will be placed under a student athlete program and guided into the under 16 and 18 national teams, and into the NBO national league. Scholarships to the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East will be arranged and made available to prospective students who are discovered to have exceptional talent in the field of Basketball.

Our phased out strategy

phased out strategy

  • Basketball clinics for primary schools to develop the game early.
  • Referees and coaches training programs locally and internationally.
  • A center of excellence
  • Proper unbiased media exposure and hype for the game.
  • Ready funding for these events.


  • A pool of talented players locally and internationally.
  • A well linked FIBA commissioner.
  • An International experience team of executives.
  • International and local network of stakeholders in the sports of basketball.
  • Dedicated capital source for sports management and athlete development.


  • A center of excellence [indoor facility].
  • Proper media coverage.
  • National Basketball league.
  • National High school league.
  • A hands on President of Basketball in Ghana.
  • Student Athlete structure for all schools.

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