Our Awesome Team

We have a team that is dedicated to what we believe in and we work to meet our goals for those we manage and represent. Our vision and mission is why we are so determined to be the breakthrough sports management company that transforms the talents of many young men and women from regions that are deprived of great representation.

HRH Dr. Kenneth Ekow Andam


Mr. Cuttino Mobley

Vice President – Sports Personalities

Mr. Patrick Lawrence

CO-Founder/Executive Vice President

Mr. Michael Suttons

Vice President – Entertainment Personalities

Mrs. Anita Andam

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Michael Ato Andam

Nutrition/Fitness Manager

Mr. Rahaman Abdul

Soccer Academy Manager – West Africa

Mr. Adam Yussif Surage

Scouting Manager – West Africa

Ms. Georgina Sowah

Field Management - Track & Field

Ms. Salome Anggy Jr Mularisi Moloto

Talent Executive Assistant – South Africa

Mr. Sandy Kwaku Asiedu

Field Manager – Basketball