Prolific Sports unveils it’s Advisory Board

Prolific Sports has officially completed the appointment of its advisory board members and is honored to welcome Mr. Joseph Agbeko, Mr. Papa Agyemang, Mr. Michael Ato Andam, Mr. Kobe Andam, Mr. Felix Kwesi Andam, Mr. Cuttino Mobley, Dr. Ronnie Shade, and Mr. Ike Ofili to the company. With a combined experience of 45 years, the advisory core of Prolific Sports has a mandate to guide the decision making process of the board of directors and the executive management team. Mr. Cuttino Mobley was nominated  to chair the advisory board for a term of one year with Mr. Michael Andam and Mr. Papa Agyemang assuming the positions of his counselor and secretary for the advisory board.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Mobley stated that he is honored to lead the team of advisors to help guide the leadership at Prolific sports and believed that each of them had a committed interest in bringing their valuable expertise to the company. Mr. Michael Andam on the other hand expressed gratitude to the company and its board for recognizing his value in the world of fitness and sports nutrition, and congratulated Prolific Sports for building a stellar sports management company that had great representation in the field of sports.

The company sends a thank you note to all its advisory board members and look forward to working with them towards the growth and expansion of the company worldwide.

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