Prolific Sports partners with Genesix Nutrition.

Prolific Sports has officially signed a contract with Genesix Nutrition to promote the companies nutritional products to its clients. Genesix Nutrition is a world class nutrition and fitness products manufacturing company based out of Utah, USA. The company offers products that athletes and sports personalities patronize to replenish their body’s nutritional needs.

 Prolific Sports placed some of its professional athletes on the product of Genesix Nutrition and the effective results documented  have been above the expectations of the athletes and their coaches. This compelled the signing of an agreement to directly undertake products and services knowledge based sharing and utilization of the nutritional products being offered by Prolific Sports signed professional athletes.

The excitement surrounding the executed agreement opened up more dialog about the possibility of opening Sales Stores in sports facilities that Prolific Sports athletes train at to expand the exposure of Genesix Nutrition to multiple sports genres while building the capacity of our athletes using the product.

Mr. Michael Andam of Genesix Nutrition stated that Prolific Sports athletes and their use of the Genesix Nutrition products gives confirmation on the valuable benefits of the products being offered by his company. Mr. Patrick Lawrence of Prolific Sports expressed gratitude to the Genesix Nutrition Team and stated that the athletes and staff at Prolific were fully committed to the Genesix Nutrition mission in the world of sports.

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