Prolific Sports establishes a new board of directors.

Prolific sports is proud to announce the establishment of its stellar Board of Directors  who have a combine years of experience of 55 years. The company has officially announced that founder and chairman of the company will remain as the Chairman of the Board. The other Board for the company are Mr. Michael  who  will assume the role of  overseeing the  engagement of clients within the United States and the Caribbean Islands hand in hand with the co-founded of the company.

Mr. Keith McAllister, Mrs. Anita Andam,  and Mr. Patrick Lawrence fill the rest of the seats on the board to help guide the companies affairs. The Board of Directors of the company will be required to steer the affairs of the companies executive management towards success. Prolific sports and it’s management are proud to have the current members of the board appointed to serve in the best interest of the company. Mr. Sutton expressed his commitment to the company for his board appointment and stated as follows; “Sports personalities have been part of my journey in the entertainment sector and so I am excited to bring my expertise and relationships to make Prolific Sports successful and proud of its client list that we will engage to grow the companies portfolio.”

Prolific Sports will focus on its business strategy of engaging younger talents to build its portfolio of great talents that the company intends to guide towards building its clients into superstars.

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