Founders Ambitions and Aspirations at Prolific Sports.

Founders Message:

As the founder of the company, I have always aspired and dreamed of bringing  great representation to  the underserved talent pool of the world because I was one of such athletes who had to struggle to get to the top of my genre with the help of a few trusted brothers, my parents, and a coach who was relentless and determined to see me succeed. The journey is going to be part of my memoirs but the vision for prolific sports is my final curtain call after founding many great companies in different industries.

As an entrepreneur, I had to work at teaching many young visionaries how to differentiate right from wrong. In the genre of sports, many officials lack the capacity to include their humanity in the execution of their duties which causes major emotional and discouraging sentiments in sportsmen and women from all walks of life. Many talents drown in the emotional trauma that they endure at the hands of the support system they trust to give them the cornerstone they need to build their careers on. I founded prolific Sports to close that back door of negativity and provide an open window to positive support for all athletes. I wanted to build a company that any talent could trust with their most intimate heartfelt desires and ambitions and have such disclosures protected but used also as the foundation to provide the confidence and resources that will propel the athlete towards their optimum potential. That vision is what has driven the growth of Prolific Sports and has established our brand as the trusted source for progressive talent development. As we engage newer and progressive solutions to improve our services to our clients, I am personally determined to teach and encourage our team to do more in the social aspiration sector so that we can expand our reach to the new generation talent pool who are always love and interacting with their fans on a global stage.

Prolific Sports has been a blessing and we are grateful for all the contributors to our growth.


Dr. Kenneth Ekow Andam

Press agency:

Sleek Media Group

Contact: www.sleekmediagroup.com

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